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This is just a journal about some thougths I have about game storys, since I'm getting so much "hatred" on youtube about my comments.
And yeah, maybe it'll have spoilers.

So, to start with, why there are so many games with the same story? Sometimes just changing the universe or the reason of, I don't know, a war or something? Sure, there are certain storys that need to be this way, but please, enough of so many things envolving zombies or something near that, it's getting boring. It's always the same thing:
"oh, there are so many zombies, let's grab something and kill them all :D" really? As if it really was this simple. The only game that I don't see this is on the Walking Dead, which is a series that I really like.

But games like, The Last of Us, honestly, what's new about it? Except the graphics maybe "it's not a virus,it's a fungus!" same thing to me. "The story is so cool and sad!" There are tons of games with cooler and sadder storys, believe me. "Joel and Ellie are awesome!" Ellie is fine, but Joel? He's just a very streotyped character, with no charisma at all! Okay he has a sad past but for fu** sake it's too forced!

Another one is Assassin's Creed, I love AC, but this is getting to far. After Connor, why continue? It gives money sure, but since you use genectic to see the past, why the game still follows Desmond's bloodline? (I don't know if the games that it'll come this year will be the same, but I guess it will) There so, so, SO many options to do with the Animus, why continue in Europe or America? Why not Asia? Why not Africa? It's not like they don't have interesting ancient history.

I understand that are games that are just for fun, like GTA, Prototype, Devil May Cry,  but even that many people don't see it, they have amazing storys.

Co-op games I usually don't stick to story, since you end up don't paying attencion anyway.

Oh, let's not forget the practical death of terror games. I'm not talking about Outlast or Amnesia, that really scare you, but mostly because there's something is chasing you. I'm talking about Silent Hill and Resident Evil, that it used to give fear only to enter a door or the fear to end up with out bullets, Silent Hill especially since it had a very disturbing story that sometimes you would just stop and ask how this game could be so sick. Why did they changed so much? Why couldn't stay that way? Why they had to turn it into a game where you kill everything you see or the story just turns to be vaine sometimes?

And to finish, I still can't understand, companys keep repeting the same mistakes. They know the problems, but they don't soluve it. If you say they don't have more story options, than you're really fool. There are so many storys that could be addept to games, storys that we never seen before, even tales sometimes.

I'm not an idiot though, I know that this is not just about the companys, nor the creators, nor the fans, it's about a huge industry, that unfortually has fear to try new things, and fear that they migth end up losing money.
I could write a lot more about things that I getting pissed at some games, but I guess I wrote to much information already.

But don't get me wrong, I love games, with good or bad graphics, new and old, single and co-op, funny and horror ones.
The thing I think it's the most important part of a game, is the story, and I get sad and dissapoited sometimes, that many games nowadays, don't actually give this topic much attencion.

Oh well, that's it I guees. 
Sorry the way I wrote, I just kept writing with out thinking much.
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